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All travel options on Cuba

All travel options on Cuba are:

1) Selfdrive with rental car, this is really safe and most roads are in good condition !

2) Travel by bus Viazul / Transtur with eventual use of taxi transfers on some trajects.

3a) All transfers by private taxi transfers, the taxis are official taxis with car breakdown insurance and replacement service of the Cuban Government, they are normal sized or minivan taxis depending on the size of the group.

3b) For larger travelparties up to 7 persons the taxi transfers are with minivan taxis; it is possible to have a guide traveling with you all the time in this way but this is not necessary as local guides can be arranged waiting for you at all the locations of the excursions, this depends on your preferences; some larger trajects can be done by regular bus to save on costs.

3c) On some smaller trajects we can arrange taxi transfers or day excursions with American Vintage cars, these drivers do have a licence but do not have a car breakdown insurance and replacement service of the Cuban Government, use of Vintage cars is therefore for own risk, therefore we prefer to offer this only on the smaller trajects as Playa Larga - Cienfuegos - Trinidad - Santa Clara, Baracoa - Santiago and Havana - Vinales.

4a) With driver - guide. Rent your own car and have a private guide as guide - driver, you then have 2 variants: the car is rented on your name and on the name of the guide and you both can drive or the car is only registrated on the name of the guide - driver and the guuide will be the only driver.

4b) With guide only. Rent your own car, drive yourself but you will be accompanied by a guide. All guides who accompany you on a travel are official licensed guides.

>> Note that when you travel with a guide or guide - driver all costs for meals, drinks and accommodation of the guide are included in the quotation, only tips come extra.

5) And last but not least you can explore Cuba by bycicle. We do offer complete bike itineries over the whole island. Contact us for more information.

6) By regular train is not recommended, the question is if the train departs and when it arrives so it is only suitable for people who have no organized itinery and enough days.

>> For travel parties of 4 - 22 pax or more it is interesting to consider:
a) to travel by private taxi transfers and tourguide over Cuba (from 4 - 14 pax), this last option offers the possibility to stay at homestays / casas particulares at all places, besides boutique hotels and tropical beach resorts, all as you wish, and is the best way to experience the authentic Cuba with nature and culture excursions, salsa evenings, meeting locals and dinner at the best places at homestays and paladares / Note that we can also arrange formats in which you travel over Cuba in classical American cars (American oldtimers) from West to East Cuba with a tourguide of Latin America Journeys, for the whole itinery or some traject ! b) to contract a minivan with driver and a national Cuban guide, c) to contract a tourbus with driver and tourguide specialized in Cuba of Latin America Journeys (recommended for 14 - 22 pax for tailor made programs with daywalks and excursions, note that only hotel accommodations are allowed by the Ministry of Tourism in this tourbus format and no homestays so far with the exception of one location!)

For all questions about selfdrive, road conditions, details insurance, safety on the roads, distribution petrol stations, road indications, driving distances, petrol costs and route descriptions: Contact us.

For digitalized maps of Cuba, the best free Navigation apps for Cuba and free maps to download (Android via Google Play & Apple Store), route descriptions from West to East Cuba with maps, and GPS data for your smartphone, feel free to Contact us and we can send you the information you need after booking.