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Cuba touristcard, visa & consulates

Touristcards for Cuba are arranged before arrival & Cuba touristcards for USA travelers

Arrange a visa / tourist card for Cuba before departure

You have to arrange a visa / tourist card for entering on Cuba. You can arrange one by an online visa agency in your homecountry (is the easiest solution) or by visiting a Cuban consulate or embassy. For a directory of your nearest consulates & embassies see this page and scroll through the alphabetical order and options:

At some airports with regular flights to Cuba the airlines sell the visa / touristcard at their office as well, but make very sure that this is definitely true before leaving home, because if it's not, you will not be allowed to board the flight.

When you arrange your visa / touristcard with an online visa agency you will receive a blank touristcard by post which you will have to fill in yourself. When you visit a Cuban consulate you have to show your flight tickets, passport, proof of your medical insurance and bring cash money with you for payment. If you don't live near a Cuban consulate or embassy, you can acquire the visa / tourist card by post but remember that they will usually not accept payment by credit card or cheque, only by postal order. To obtain the visa / tourist card you will need to say where you will be staying in Havana for the first night(s) and in some cases you also have to give information with which agency in Cuba you are dealing with. You'll receive this information after booking from us. The visa / tourist card application form invites you to quote the name and address of a hotel or casa particular (homestay), indicating that it's officially accepted to be accommodated in a homestay. After receiving the visa / tourist card from The Cuban consulate do carefully check that all the information regarding for example passport number and accommodation address are correct.

Note that in theory you can arrange a visa / tourist card on arrival in the airport in Havana, but as the airline has to pay a penalty for delivering a traveler without visa / tourist card, the airline will either not allow you to embark on your flight to Havana, or will not allow you to disembark in Havana in case Havana is not the last destination of the flight.

In case you do not have a visa / tourist card due to unexpected circumstances, you can book a flight to Mexico city or Cancun in Mexico and easily obtain a visa / tourist card in the airport with several airlines in a few minutes and then continue your travel with Cubana Airlines, Mexicana, Aeromexico or any other flight company to Havana.

Visa / Tourist card traveller's information for USA Citizens

USA citizens are allowed to visit Cuba as long as you support the Cuban community. 

This can be easily arranged. By staying in casas particulares and following our tailormade programs specially made for you, you can come to Cuba without any problems.

Note that for travelers who dont reside in the USA but do travel via the USA to Cuba that you are falling under the same travel regulations and that you need to be able to show that you support the Cuban community. We arrange this all with our tailormade holidays.

Contact us for how this all works best for you and about the last updates for USA citizens traveling to Cuba.

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