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When the Portuguese discovered Brazil they thought they had found paradise. You may have that same feeling when visiting Brazil, it has an amazing variation of landscapes, eco-systems and culture. The Amazon jungle and Pantanal boast amazing wildlife, the Atlantic Rainforest provides a beautiful tropical ambiance full of flora and fauna, the many National Parks offer breathtaking landscapes with natural waterfalls and extraordinary rock formations. And Brazil's 7000 miles of coastline means that there are thousands of incredible beaches.

Brazilians are friendly, hospitable, love life and a party. Brazil's rich African and Indigenous heritage is fused in every part of Brazilian culture together with European influences, particularly in religion, art, music, dance and food. This can be experienced directly on the street, in the nightlife and in many of the traditional festivals and celebrations. Brazil will touch you with its passion, sounds, flavours, and colours, the people will enchant you with their liveness and joy.

The most famous festival is of course Carnival which is celebrated allover Brazil from Olinda, Recife, Salvador, Rio de Janeiro up to small villages as Paraty with its typical Bloco de Lama (mud carnival). However, there's much more to the Brazilian calendar. Some Brazil's festivals and events are Semana Santa - the Brazilian Holy Week, Festas Juninas, Festa do Divino, Festa Nacional do Índio, LGBT Pride Parade in São Paulo, worship of Yemaha during the Reveillon which is the celebration of the Brazilian New Year.

And besides the overwhelming landscapes there are so many beautiful places to stay ! From floating lodges on the river, treehouses, mountain- eco lodges, guesthouses in colonial mansions, fazendas, pousadas in all sorts and kinds up to top boutique hotels.

One of the extra reasons to visit Brazil is that it is an excellent destination for eco-tourism, of which the Amazon, Pantanal and all the National Parks are of particular interest. Sustainable tourism is in strong development with energy saving, waste recycling, agricultural and local education initiatives.

And at last Brazil can be the start or end of a tailor made trip along the greatest attractions in Latin America. You can combine Machu Picchu and the Uyunyi saltflats with a visit to Rio de Janeiro. A trip may include the Galapagos islands or Easter Island in Chile. You can go hiking or skiing in Patagonia and combine this with a beach holiday at Rio, Paraty and Ilha Grande.

Explore Brasil on your own, with your family or in a guided grouptravel on this 23 day itinery. Feel free to contact us to customize this or any itinery to your travel wishes.

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