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Colombia, few people do realize that Colombia has everything you can imagine of Latin America hidden in one country, and that nowadays it is a safe country to explore. It has the highest potential for an absolutely amazing holiday of whole South America, it has the Caribbean coast, absorbed African culture and rainforest, the Pacific coast, intact indigenous peoples with their traditions, the Andes in three mountain chains, the coffee zone, active and sleeping volcanoes, high mountains with glaciers, paramo's, flat lands with cowboys, cattle and abundant wildlife as in the Brazilian Pantanal, the huge vastness of the Amazon rainforest with waterfalls that can compete with the Iguazu waterfalls, abundant birdlife, colonial history & villages, arts & handicrafts representing the variety of many countries in one, salsa, African mapale, vallenato and cumbia (and not to forget the Colombian reggaeton at the Caribbean): the only risk of this holiday is wanting to stay, el riesgo es que te quieres quedar ! The people of Colombia belong to the most welcoming, beautiful and warm hearted people of Latin America, many people won't be able to match this with the image they have from Colombia, but it really is, be invited to explore this amazing country and its people with us.

This individual holiday of 27 days is a sample itinery and can be tailor made in all ways. We have chosen for a larger itinery of 27 days to show the variety of Colombia in one single roundtrip. We can make shorter itineries, more focused on culture, special theme travels as for bird watchers, photographers or beach lovers, family holidays with kids, all as you wish. We do work on tailor made basis but we can also offer travel modules of three or more days and classical roundtrips. All itineries can be offered with public and private transport, for traveling with public transport you need to speak some Spanish and be an experienced traveller, with private transport the costs are significant lower when traveling with 4 together and all is taken care of.

To give an idea of more options in Colombia:

  •  Walking, hiking and/or horseriding in the Cocuy mountains (5-7 days)
  • Walking at Los Nevados NP between volcanoes, lagoons and glaciers (2-5 days)
  • Extension to La Guajira desert and Caribbean coast after Tayrona NP (4 days), Wayuu indigenous culture
  • Trekking to the Lost City (Ciudad Perdida) at the Sierra Nevada and meeting of Kogui culture in the mountains (5 days)
  • Meeting with the Tayrona people after a visit to the NP Tayrona (3 days extra)
  • Wildlife in los Llanos – Casanares province at ecolodge Hato Aurora (filmed by BCC & Animal Planet), with capybaras, 325 bird species, caimans, deers, anacondas of 7m long, jaguars, safaris, piranha fishing, walking and horse riding, traditional life of vagueros
  • Colombian cowboys & cattle farming
  • Visit Cano Cristales, beautiful coloured river famous from photography books, from Yopal-Villaviciencia this can be combined by small plane after a stay at the hacienda Hato Aurora for instance
  • Special birdwatching tours staying among others in lodges of Pro Aves evt. mixed with other excursions
  • Diving holidays and PADI certification via dive school at Cartagena de Indias
  • Luxury Travel at the Caribbean and/or Pacific coast in the best ecolodges available with whale watching and boutique hotels, fincas and spas in the coffee zone and Cartagena, honeymoon at the Caribbean
  • Travel with private guide into the Vaupes region, this is all pristine Amazonian rainforest off the beaten trek with amazing waterfalls and wildlife
  • Adventurous and special tailor made travel combining Venezuela's tepui highlights with traveling upstream into Colombia at Inirida rainforest with private guide
  • Private guided roundtravels or Group travels through Colombia with Latin American expert speaking fluent English and Spanish

Featured activities: Meeting the authentic Colombia, being in nature, culture & meeting the people of Colombia. Walking in mountains, visiting coffee haciendas, beachlife, colonial villages & history, cumbia & salsa, horse riding, bird & whale watching, snorkelling, diving, learning Spanish.

Shortlist of some important festivals - January: Carnaval de Blancos y Negros in Pasto & Feria de Manizales (coffee zone), February: Carnaval de Barranquilla (of the carnavals highly recommended), March: Easter (Semana Santa) in Popayan, April: Festival de Vallenato in Valledupar, May: the San Pedro and Bunde Tolimense festival in Espinal, Wayuu culture festival in Uribia (La Guajira), June: Bambuco national folk festival in Neiva & festival del Mar in Santa Marta, August: Feria de Flores in Medellin, September: World Salsa festival in Cali, October: the World Coleo Encounter in Villavicencio (cowboy – vaquero festival) , November: Carnaval de Cartagena & Reina National de Belleza (Miss Colombia) in Cartagena de Indias, December: Feria de Cali. For more details on all Colombia festivals, the data and how to add a specific festival in your itinery, please contact us.

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