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Venezuela is a country of incredible natural beauty and contrasts from beach to jungle, mountain to flat plain, Indian culture to wildlife culture all relatively wild and untouched. It is an absolute jewel in South America for nature lovers and those looking for something a little bit different. This itinerary combines the highlights of the wilderness of Venezuela for adventure in nature and time to relax in idyllic Caribbean surroundings at the end.

Spectacular Venezuela, home to some of South America's most incredible landscapes, rightly has a terrible image problem at the moment. Hyperinflation has led to a dramatic drop in living standards and issues with the supply of basic goods, while personal safety, particularly in Caracas, is worse than anywhere else on the continent. And yet, visiting Venezuela is both possible and remarkably cheap, with dollars instantly making even backpackers feel wealthy. Safety is a serious concern, of course, but sensibly managed it should be no deterrent to a trip. The rewards if you do go are frankly immense. Few countries in the world have this degree of natural beauty: Andean peaks, Caribbean coastline, idyllic islands, grasslands teeming with wildlife, the steamy Orinoco Delta and the world's highest waterfall, Angel Falls. This is true trip-of-a-lifetime stuff, and right now you’ll have it pretty much all to yourself. (Source Lonely Planet 2018).

The itineries proposed are given as fully safe by our specialised and top leading operator of Venezela and his local staff. This is constantly checked. If you intend to come you can even travel in 2018 with the director of Latin America Journeys yourself and his wife. This is going to be a remarkable journey especially when you are interested in multidimensional traveling. You can travel as 2 persons or travel in small groups of max 6-8 people.

Venezuela has so many highlights (we mention all but note that not all are part of the itineies proposed for 2018)…
– Small groups! Enjoy nature to the max always away of crowds like all high ranked destinations of South America.
-Visit Mucubaji Lagoon and Hike to Laguna Negra
– Visit the Andean Condor Biological Station and learn about the largest flying bird in the world with 3.3 meters wingspan.
– Close encounters with highlights such as Giant Anteaters, Orinoco Crocodiles, Spectacle alligators, Capybaras, Giant River Otters, Scarlet Macaws, Anacondas and a vast selection of neotropical birds.
– Ride a boat onto the Matiyure river and get impressed by the vast amount of wildlife with unrivaled photographic opportunities.
-Enjoy the unique simplicity of Warao living in their stilt houses on the Orinoco river and with their day-to-day scenes of this beautiful, pure area.
– Ride a boat in the Orinoco river, one of South America’s longest rivers flowing 1330 miles through Venezuela and Columbia and finally emptying into the Atlantic Ocean.
-Go piranha fishing!

– Go out paddling in a small Orinoco tributary and enjoy the sounds of the jungle waking up!
– Ride a canoe in the jungle surrounded by unique rock formations, jungle, red color water rivers, wildlife, nowhere else you will do that!
– Hike only 3 kilometers to the base of Angel Falls and get the picture you always dreamed of!
– Overnight in hammock front of Angel Falls
– Walk underneath Sapo Falls and feel the power of nature
– Take a boat and enjoy the views of Canaima Lagoon with its 4 different waterfalls.
– Go snorkeling and find abundant marine life around the coral reef, a must for snorkeling lovers.
– Soak up the secluded atmosphere of the white sand beaches of the Archipelago.
– Enjoy a boat trip across the turquoise waters of Los Roques

If you take to Choroni at the end
-Blue Water beaches with palm trees at barely 10 minutes by foot away
– Cocoa and sugar cane plantations

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