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A few reviews on Group Travels

Just a few comments of the many reviews we have received.

We have guided more than 150 group travels successfully over the last 20 years, of which many in Latin America with a lot of expertise, dedication & unforgettable memories for the participants.

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Herewith a short note of appreciation for the wonderfull holiday we had under your guidance in Brasil. Normally I am a bit allergic to organised group holidays but this has been one of my best holidays ever. Surely the positive experience was thanks to your guidance, flexibility to the diverse participants and your social skills to make sure that everyone enjoyed the trip to its own capabilities. I enjoyed every minute of the full 3 weeks but especially the hiking tours, snorkeling trips and not to forget our tennis-snooker and dancing-matches, you are a topper! Sure I will subscribe to another group trip next year and maybe we will meet again. Meanwhile I will practice tennis. Thanks again for your efforts, it’s much appreciated! Take care and best regards,

Jolanda Cortlever, CEO

Reviewed by: Stephanie Chu travelparty from Australia
1. What was the most memorable or exciting part of your holiday?
Being exposed to the lively and unique culture of Cuba, and meeting the locals who have such an esprit de vivre.
2. What tips would you give other travellers booking this holiday?
Having Marcel as our guide throughout the holiday made all the difference to our trip. If you have the budget to have a private guide with you for the whole trip (we had a large group and could share the costs), do go ahead with asking Marcel to be your guide. Without him, we would not have experienced half of the things we did in Cuba. Through Marcel's language skills, knowledge of the Cuban culture (and its constant changes) and the connections he has established in Cuba throughout his many years running tours in Cuba, we were able to see, meet and experience parts of Cuba that would simply have been inaccessible to us had we decided to explore the country by ourselves.
3. Did you feel that your holiday benefited local people, reduced environmental impacts or supported conservation? Yes.
4. Finally, how would you rate your holiday overall?
Excellent and highly recommended.
Finally, how would you rate your holiday overall?
**** Some wonderful memories, I would not hesitate to recommend it to a friend

"I would like again to compliment you with your Tourleader talents: I have looked with a lot of joy how you performed. Especially how you did not feed a discussion but just stated something. I have enjoyed the whole trip and I recommend this trip with you to everybody. As this trip was that good because of your input: your originality, creativity and your feeling for special things ! And your eternal good temper ! Yes that is what I really mean, as it must be deadly tiring such a group, no matter how good they match with each other." by Teja

" First of all I would like you to know that I had a marvellous holiday, thanks to the weather, the beautiful nature, but certainly because of the entertaining & cosy tourleader. Well this you can add to your list of compliments ! This positive radiance of you, this you have to keep as long as possible, as it is a big gift to the world and to the people around you. That is what I wanted to say. A message from a happy fellow traveler." by Dorien Beusekom

"Our Tourleader was the one who created the golden edge of this Cuba travel; he brought in a lot of expertise, showed very good social skills, was helpful, made good & quick decisions and last but not least he knows Cuba, and loves the Cuban people. He showed us a lot, brought us in contact with local people and nice & interesting places. " by Edward