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Horseback rides Argentina - Independent reviews from clients

Horse trail to Inca throne, Toro canyon, Salta, Argentina

" Yes the trip was fantastic! I loved every minute - great scenery, great food, Jose and the others we met along the way were very nice. One of the highlights of my holiday! Thanks very much for organising everything so well. Arturo even arrived with beer and empanadas when we finished the horseride. I'm back in Salta now catching up on sleep. I'm happy to come to your house with the balance tomorrow. I will drop my bags and get a taxi there. Could you please let me know the address? Unfortunately, I have already visited Peru so won't need another trip (although I will definitely recommend you to any fellow travellers)."
Thanks again, Ian
Reviewed by Ian Turnbull


" Sergio's care and hospitality through the trip were fantastic, and we cannot recommend him highly enough. The extra lengths to which he went to ensure our comfort, the "guided tours" during rest days and the little touches like adding decorations to our food was also far beyond what we expected from (essentially) a camping trip. Your handling of the booking has also been excellent and we appreciate all that you, Jose and Sergio have done for us in building this trip.... Just seeing the kind of terrain that our horses could cover was one of the most memorable parts of this holiday. The scenery was incredible, as was the attention that we received. We did this trip for 10 days and loved every minute, but a week would probably have been perfect - a shower at the end was one of the best parts. There is no question that this trip benefited local people and minimised environmental impact. The places that we were staying regularly had solar power (mostly to provide electric lights for the evenings). The only "non eco-friendly" part of this trip was getting to the start and end points. Other than this, even orange peel was cleared up, leaving no notable evidence of our travel. This was a 4-5 star holiday (on a scale of 5).
Reviewed by Stuart Whitby


" It was a great adventure trek over the mountains (5000 m at one point!!)-absolutely fantastic- fairly 'hard' travelling, (no real "facilities" i.e washing in streams etc.) camping everynight, roasting hugh chunks of meat over open fires & quaffing argy wines under starry skies, amazing scenery particularly some of the frankly bizarre rock formations. Quite weird travelling just with 2 non english speaking gauchos and no one else... some days literally didn't see anyone & believe me you can see a long way... coming across these incredibly isolated villages in the middle of nowhere gave a glimpse of life in areas I wouldn't normally have got the opportunity to see. Overall a 4 to 5 star experience (on a scale of 5), well organized (Cristina from Latinamerica Journeys was incredibly helpful & friendly), the gauchos were professional and friendly (although I'm glad I spoke some Spanish!). Also the horses were good.
Reviewed by Richard Katesmark


1. What was the most memorable or exciting part of your holiday?
We enjoyed it all but mainly the sensation of peace and space in the mountains.
2. What tips would you give other travellers booking this holiday?
That it can be below 0° at night.
3. Did you feel that your holiday benefited local people, and minimized impacts on the environment?
Yes and we appreciated it.
4. Finally, how would you rate your holiday overall?
The five of us gave 4 to 5 stars (on a scale of 5).
Reviewed by Christine Dautheribes